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Nothing is impossible when you believe…

I ran across this video and it filled me with inspiration..


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Face the Fear

So, I DID IT!!!  I resigned from my job at the school system and have taken a part time job with a firm that does land deals-more up my alley AND this allows me much more flexibility to continue building my health coaching business!  I feel really good about not having to do a job that my soul was not in but now I am a bit nervous about the future (even though my soul is in this one).  They say that you should face your fears head on, acknowledge them and do it anyway.  Well, I’m jumping in with two feet and my eyes closed.  I am so very excited about this new phase of my life but fearful I am.

I think the biggest issue is that this will be a test for me.  This will show myself if I can practice what I preach…can I talk the talk..get out there and market myself enough for people to see how valid I truly am?  I KNOW with everything that I am and have that I am good at this, that I know what I am doing and that I am ready for the big time, but will some ugly part of me show up that deep down I knew about myself but didn’t want to admit? Some things that I have not yet confronted in my personal work?

For instance…am I lazy?  Have I been so lucky in life that everything pretty much went the way I wanted it to so that now I have no skills to work hard to be a success?  Does it really matter how bad I want this?  Will I sabatoge myself?  Will someone else sabatoge me along the way enough that I can’t recover?  FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR rearing its ugly head from everywhere…

They say that your life will end up where your thoughts go…so I have to figure out how to step outside of the fear and show people that I can help them make a change in their lives-that I am the “real deal” that I truly CARE about their outcomes in this world.

So for today, I will hold my head high, smile inside and out and feel proud that I have taken the first step towards a really killer life…this is the best way I know how to face the fear in the beginning.

Step 1-take care of yourself first before you can attempt to take care of others ——quit unhealthy job…CHECK!!!

I have a sign on my wall that says, ” What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”-it’s a valid question and a great way to face my fear head-on.

I am..

In good health…


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Trust your intuition

My mom suggested to me something that I want to share with you all.  But first, a little background…

I am really irritated about a situation of greed and disgusting behavior by an acquaintance.  I have never really had a great feeling about the person to begin with-his energy was off and you just know when someone doesn’t “feel right” to you. You just dont care for them (and he is super obnoxious to boot).  But I really like his wife so I have ignored my “feelings” about him and have tried to be kind at arm’s length.

He has done something to prove that I am very correct about my original assessment of him. I had heard he had done a similar thing to someone else but, again, I shelved my feelings thinking that there are two sides to every story and that perhaps someone was exagerating.  Well, I am here to tell you, there was no exageration.  Now I’m really irritated and just do not even want to be in the same room with him.

So here is what my mom said:

My mom suggested that I thank him (not to his face but just to myself). I thought she was freaking crazy for suggesting that but here is what she said…thank him for showing me that I was correct about my original assumption of him and that I can trust my intuition about people.

What an incredibly positive way to turn around a situation. So thank you, sir…I am grateful that I can now trust myself enough to know that you are indeed a jerk and you stink….ha-small steps….I’m a work in progress.

I am…

In Good Health