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This video is a great example of what my last post was talking about…humanity is beautiful when it is treated like this…What an amazing human soul…if we look at people not from the eyes of aspersion but from the eyes of love, this is what can be accomplished…can you IMAGINE if we treated our families this way?  God bless you sir…

Blessings to all…

I am…

In good health…



Author: ingoodhealthhawes These musings are my own opinions and are not meant to be about anyone in particular unless mentioned in blog. I know it helps to get "stuff' out and I have certainly grown while doing this. I am a certified health and life coach and work with people who feel they are unhealthy or unhappy in their current situations. They may feel their lives and health are not ideal and are ready and willing to do what it takes to make step by step changes to realize their optimal health and happiness. I support people all over the country in my Health Coaching practice so if you are interested or know anyone who is, I can help no matter where you live. I love everything Roll Tide (University of Alabama) and work to promote the University in almost everything I do. I have spent all my life living on an island-either on St. Croix in the Virgin Islands or Orcas Island, WA. I have a finance degree but have spent most of my career in real estate, whether as a real estate paralegal or owning a thriving company with my father in my hometown of St. Croix. Visit my website at for more information and to see how you can get a FREE health history....

2 thoughts on “Humanity

  1. I love this. 🙂 It goes with everything my blog is about.

    • Thanks-it resonated considering what I had blogged about earlier in the morning…thanks for the comment -pass my site along if you will! Looking forward to reading your blog! In good health…Linda

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